Fumigation free packaging products

The company has introduced patented technology and automatic production equipment from Taiwan and obtained ISO9001 quality system certification

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Paper tube paper tube application

Pipe for chemical fiber industry

DTY tube, POY tube, FDY tube, nylon tube, spandex tube, spandex coated yarn tube

Film industrial pipe

BOPP, pet, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural plastic film, fresh-keeping film, winding film, plastic bag pipe (for supermarket), aluminized film, electrical capacitance film, C film and smoke film

Pipe for printing industry

It is mainly used in drum printing, film printing and paper printing

Pipe for paper industry

Newsprint, bobbin paper, whiteboard paper, fax paper, bill paper, tipping paper, aluminum parking paper, writing paper, colored parchment, cup paper, Tetra Pak fresh-keeping paper, others

Pipe for metallurgical industry

Aluminum plate, steel plate, iron plate and other coiled materials

Packing tube

External packaging of medical devices, calligraphy and painting, food cans, etc

Paper tube for temperature measurement

Disposable thermocouple for molten steel temperature measurement

Paper tube for sampler

Paper tube for fax machine

Battery paper tube

Pipe for bridge construction