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The company has introduced patented technology and automatic production equipment from Taiwan and obtained ISO9001 quality system certification

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L × W is the size of actual goods stacking

Product introduction: the sliding support plate is made of high-quality kraft paper, which has good moisture resistance and strong tear resistance.
Features: 1) the shape is like a piece of paper, which can make better use of the space of containers and transport vehicles;
2) Light weight, small volume, can save freight;
3) The storage space is very small, 1000 sliding support plates = 1m3;
4) No turnover is required, so there is no turnover cost;
5) No material recycling required;
6) No repair and no loss;
7) No management or cyclic control is required.
Sliding pallet system: the system needs a forklift with push-pull device. There is no pallet for transportation and storage. It is very suitable for shipping and internal cargo transportation. This system has been widely used in the United States. Due to its incomparable standard, space saving and low cost, it will become the final way of international transportation in the future